How Verity Works
Open an account from the comfort of your home
No long queues or filling out endless paperwork. Get your card delivered to your door within 3 business days.
allowances and send money instantly.
Check off giving weekly pocket money and going to the ATM from your ‘To Do’ list for good!
Manage spending
limits and notifications.
Create a safe environment you're comfortable with and the notifications you need. Easily turn cards on and off.
Gamified content
Financial literacy content that caters to parents and children.

Earn, save, spend, and give.

Add Tasks and Chores for them to earn. Help them set Saving and Giving goals and guide them to manage their spending.
Keeping your family's data and money secure is our first priority.

We abide by UAE banking security requirements.
2.0 on online transactions
compliant widgets
Grade eKYC & ID verification by our banking partner
Funds are held securely with our banking partners

Verity is one app with two experiences:

A Parent account and a Child’s account.

For Parents
Manage your children’s cards, tasks, and money transfers with insights on their spending and saving.
Get customizable real-time alerts
Get real-time alerts on tasks progression, saving goals, and card transactions.
card settings
Accessible card settings that allow spending in stores, and online transactions.
Add and send money quickly and easily
Connect any of your UAE bank accounts or use a UAE based debit or credit card, and get instant transfers into your Verity account.
Instant, automated and free transfers
Schedule automated allowance transfers to your children. You can also send money instantly, whenever your child needs it.
For Teens & Kids
Your first step to financial independence.

Get your first prepaid card and start managing your money your way!
Receive allowances automatically and one-off pocket money when needed.
Complete tasks and get rewarded with money or experiences.
Create personal goals for things you want to buy, gifts, trips, and more.
Your own prepaid card to manage your spending.
Learn to budget your earnings between saving, giving, and spending.
Teach your children early
what you learned late.
Start your Verity journey today