Creating a successful business is important, but so is leaving a positive impact in the world we live in, and especially on children.
Financial literacy is a critical life skill that everyone should learn, and children can start learning it from a very young age. Because the subject can sometimes be a little dry and boring, we are big believers in experiential and play-based learning, adding fun and real-life experiences to the learning process.

We have our own proprietary curriculum that was built with educational and child development experts and game designers to ensure that their learning journey is educational and enjoyable.
Giving back through our app
With our app’s "giving" feature, we are also able to support other UN Social Development Goals (SDG) by enabling our children to donate towards different causes.

Although the impact of those goals cannot be completely measured from the beginning, teaching children early how to be responsible financially, and to be global citizens and give back to the causes close to their hearts is sure to have a lasting impact on them, their families, societies, and the world.
Our focus on financial literacy enables us to support the following core Social Development Goals of the United Nations:
  • SDG 1
    No Poverty
  • SDG 4
    Quality Education
  • SDG 5
    Gender Equality
  • SDG 8
    Decent Work & Economic Growth
  • SDG 17
    Partnership For The Goals
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