Limits Amount
Min account balance Zero
Max account balance 37,000 AED
Max account loads - Daily count 3
Min loading - Daily (bank transfer) 100 AED
Max loading - Daily (bank transfer) 10,000 AED
Min loading - Daily (debit / credit card) 300 AED
Max loading - Daily (debit / credit card) 3,000 AED
Max account aggregate load - Rolling 12 months 220,000 AED
Max # of daily transactions (online / offline) 10
Max # of daily transfers (between own accounts and to others) 7
Max daily transfers amount (between own accounts and to others) 5,000 AED
Spend limit (online / offline) - Single transaction 10,000 AED
Spend limit (online / offline) - Daily limit 10,000 AED
Spend limit (online / offline) - Weekly limit 50,000 AED
Spend limit (online / offline) - Monthly limit 100,000 AED
ATM transactions max count limit - Daily 5
ATM withdrawal limit - Single transaction 10,000 AED
ATM withdrawal limit - Daily 10,000 AED
ATM withdrawal limit - Weekly 25,000 AED
ATM withdrawal limit - Monthly 25,000 AED
Categories Fees Amount Additional Information
Fees Annual fee Free Fees charged once a year
Monthly fee Free Fees charged once a month
Subscription fee Free Fee charged to subscribe for the service
Getting started / adding money Load/Top-up service fee for in-app bank transfer (minimum 100 AED load) 4 AED (including VAT) Fee charged when you top up depending on payment method
Load/Top-up service fee for Credit / Debit Cards (minimum 300 AED load) 3.68% (including VAT)
Additional card fee N/A Fee charged for getting a backup card, where available
Transfer Fee (between Verity parent and child accounts) Free No fee for moving money between wallets
Spend money/withdrawals Fee for paying with the card – international 2.5% Some retailers may charge their own fee, and Foreign exchange rate applies
Fee for paying with the card – UAE Free No fee for paying with your card in the UAE, whether at retailers or online. Some retailers may charge their own fee
Fee for cash machine withdrawals – international 1% (minimum of 21 AED) Some operators/banks may charge their own extra fees
Fee for cash machine withdrawals – UAE 3 AED (including VAT) Fixed fee on all bank ATMs
Other Inactivity fee Free Fee charged after a 12-month period of you not using your card (either by topping up your card, paying for transactions or withdrawing money), including after your card has expired. No fee if you have a zero balance
Replacement Card AED 100 (including VAT) Service to send you a new plastic card in the UAE. If you lose your card, or it is stolen or damaged, where this service is available. Extra charges may apply for delivery outside of UAE
Foreign Exchange Fee N/A Based on foreign POS – Fee for using your card for a transaction in a currency not in local AED
Cash out at over the counter (if applicable) or bank transfer AED 50 Fee for refunding remaining balance back into your bank account
Foreign Balance Inquiries AED 5 Fee for inquiring card balance at a foreign ATM outside of the UAE. You can always avoid charges by checking your balances on the app
Unauthorized Charge Dispute AED 50 Fee for disputing charges on your card
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