June 4, 2024

Vacations vs. Toys: Family Trips for the Win!

Are you wondering what to get for your son’s next birthday? A spaceship toy? Or a new PlayStation CD? What about a new adventure or vacation planned? Here is what to invest in.

Family Trips always Win!

You’re probably asking yourself now why I should move forward and plan our next family vacation. The answer is very simple, the world is around the corner! and let’s face it .. Who hates traveling?! So why not invest in planning for a great family vacation and lots of fun memories ahead?

Family trips are fun, incredibly amazing, and important for your kid’s emotional growth, health, and happiness. Unlike materialistic gifts like toys, they leave a great impact on your kid’s mental development and perception.  

For example, by simply visiting new spots or traveling to a new place, we stimulate certain parts of our brain by creating great memories that help us reduce stress, learn life skills, and unlock our abilities.

Travel More & Score More: Vacations Boost Kids' Grades!

Regardless of where to go, It’s proven that kids who go on vacations and return to school often achieve higher grades than their peers who do not travel.

Here’s a win-win case for all family members!

Travel Jar: Strengthening Family Bonds & Saving Up for Sweet Vacation Treats!

The Fun and excitement of a vacation start the day we plan to leave for a vacation. It’s an excellent opportunity for strengthening family bonds.

On the other hand, preparing for a trip can be a valuable financial education for children. For example, setting up a savings jar throughout the year to fund extra vacation treats or activities like souvenirs or boat trips teaches kids about saving and financial planning in a fun and practical way.

You can also set a budgeting plan with your kids for the vacation ahead of time and work around it to help them plan financially for the future.

Creating Long-Lasting Memories and Shaking Up the Daily Routine.

Travel isn't just enjoyable; it creates long-lasting, positive memories and bonds that boost children's spirits and performance. Remembering these fun times can be a source of inspiration and motivation for them.

On the other hand, parents can escape the daily routine with a great fresh start for the day during a family vacation.

“The best gifts aren't the ones you unwrap, but the ones you love and remember forever.”

Let's ask you again. Why would you stick with the normal routine and buy gifts when you can learn, explore, and create great memories together? Plan, save, and pack your bags for a whole new journey that lasts a lifetime.

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