May 30, 2024

Keep your Verity Account Safe: A Fun Guide About Fraud Awareness

Hey there super savvy families! We all love the freedom and responsibility that comes with having a Verity account and prepaid card to manage our money. It’s like having a little slice of grown-up life but tailored just for you!

To keep your Verity experience fun and worry-free, here are a few things you can do to protect your account and prevent any sneaky fraudsters from messing with your money:

1) Guard Your Private Information Like a Treasure Chest

Your account details and card information are like gold – keep them safe! Never share your login information, card number, PIN, or password with anyone. That means not even with your best friend, your diary, or even your pet – no matter how cute they are! 

2) One-Time Passwords (OTPs) are Secret Codes

OTPs are those magical numbers that get sent in an SMS or email when you’re making certain transactions. Think of them as super secret codes from a fellow spy or detective! Never share them with anyone!. Hint: If someone asks for your OTP, they’re probably up to no good, so beware!

3) Create an Ultra Strong Password

A weak password is like leaving the door to your treasure chest wide open and can easily be guessed! Use a mix of letters (both upper and lower case), numbers, and symbols to create a password that’s tough to crack. And remember, no “password123” or “iloveverity” – be creative and clever!

On your Verity App, don’t share your access QR code with anyone else - this is unique to your account. 

4) Keep an Eye on Your Transactions

Regularly check your Verity App to make sure everything looks right. If you see any transactions you didn’t make, tell your parents immediately. They can help you figure out if someone’s been sneaking into your account.

5) Secure Your Devices

Make sure your phone or tablet is protected with a password, PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition. 

Remember, keeping your Verity account and prepaid card safe is all about being smart and alert. By following these tips, you’re not just protecting your money – you’re learning valuable skills that will keep you safe in the digital world. 

Be smart, stay secure,  and most important, have fun managing your money with confidence!

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