May 2, 2024

Four Fun Activities to Do on a Rainy Day

Rain, rain, go away! Since you’re here again, we can play!

No one likes staying home on rainy days *wink wink*. To make sure you don’t get too bored, here are four fun financial literacy games and activities you can do as a family:

Musical Chores

Let’s add some musical fun to the day by playing a game similar to musical chairs, but with chores. Each person in the family gets assigned a chore, (yes, even parents!), and one person handles the music in each round. Keep doing your chore for as long as the song is playing. The music master is free to stop the music at any time. When it stops, each person gets to roll the dice and the highest number decides which person to switch chores with. If you tie, roll again. If you don’t have a dice, just write numbers on pieces of paper, fold them up, and have each person pick one. Keep playing until all the chores are complete.

Saving Collage

Time to dream big and think of all the things you want to save for! Each person can use a large piece of post board, construction paper, or just a blank piece of paper. Cut out photos from magazines, print some out, or draw pictures of all the things you want to save towards for the next year and make a beautiful collage. If you don’t feel particularly artistic, just make a list of your goals. Now find out how much each will cost. When you’re done, don’t forget to add them on your Verity App to keep track!

Spending Detective

Do you know what you’re spending on each week? Check out  the spending reports in the Verity App – which categories are spending most on? You can also think of what you have spent your money on the past week and categories each to see where your money is going to! Try doing it for the family’s spending as a whole. Decide which categories you should spend more and less on and make a plan to adjust your spending (Hint: budget!).

A Giving Heart

We can do so much to help others and the world. A rainy day is a great time to discover which causes you want to support and which ones are closest to your heart. Is it orphans? The environment? Maybe animals? Choose at least one and create a Giving Goal on the Verity App to save towards so you can donate to it later. Ask the whole family to think of all the other ways you can support your cause. Or you can just create one family Giving Goal if everyone wants to support the same thing.

We hope you enjoy our activities! Stay safe and cozy on this rainy day, and checkout all the things you can do on Verity. Get in touch for any questions.

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