July 8, 2024

5 Creative Financial Literacy Activities for the Summer

Summer is here! That magical time when the kids are out of school, the days are long, and you’re trying to keep everyone entertained without losing your sanity—or your wallet. Enter Verity, a family money management app and prepaid card, also known as your new secret weapon.

Here are five fun and creative ways to use Verity to make this summer not just memorable, but educational too: 

1. Summer Shopping Spree

Plan a family shopping day where each child gets a budget on their Verity prepaid card. They’re in charge of managing their spending for the day — whether at the mall, a toy store, or an amusement park. They’ll learn to make choices and see the immediate impact of their spending decisions. You can also give them some guidance by preparing a budget ahead of time, or for next time so they don’t repeat mistakes.

2. Chores Earning Bonanza

Turn chores into a game! Create a summer chore list on the Verity app and assign a monetary value to each task and let your kids earn money for completing them. Add a little extra incentive by giving extra earnings to whomever finishes their chores first or earns the most during the summer!

Not only will it keep them busy, but it’s like having their own summer job but within the safety of home. They’ll learn the value of hard work and start understanding how effort translates into earnings.

3. Grocery Store Savings Challenge

Turn a routine grocery shopping trip into a financial challenge.Give your kids a portion of the grocery budget on their Verity card and let them manage a part of the shopping list. The child that saves you the most money while still buying all that is on the list, wins! Their prize is to keep the amount saved. They’ll need to compare prices, make choices, and stick to their budget. It’s practical, educational, and fun!

4. Summer Business Venture

Encourage your kids to start their own little business.Whether it’s a lemonade stand, dog walking, or selling handmade crafts, they can use the Verity app to manage their earnings and the card to purchase their supplies. They can deposit their cash with you so you can transfer it digitally onto their card. A great hands-on lesson in entrepreneurship and money management!

5. Vacation Budgeting

If you’re planning a family vacation, involve the kids in the budgeting process. Allocate parts of the travel budget to them, like snacks or souvenirs. The Verity card can be used abroad, so they can use them to manage these funds, learning to budget for a trip and prioritize spending.

By integrating Verity into your summer activities, you’re not just keeping your kids entertained—you’re giving them invaluable skills for the future. So go ahead, make this summer a season of learning and growth withVerity! And don’t forget to take those cards with you on your travels.




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